ThorneVet CollagenVET

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Revitalize your pet’s health with Collagen Peptides

CollagenVET is ThorneVet’s cutting-edge animal health supplement formulated with collagen peptides for enhancing your pet’s health and wellbeing. CollagenVET supports the joints and connective tissues to keep pets moving and feeling their best.

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Benefits of Collagen Peptides:

  • Optimal absorption and bioavailability
  • Support for healthy joints, muscles, bones, and skin
  • Key building blocks for strong, healthy connective tissues
  • Improve the skin barrier function, which reduces dry, itchy skin
  • Help maintain the integrity of the gut
  • An easily digestible powdered form that pets find very palatable

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ThorneVet CollagenVET
ThorneVet CollagenVET
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